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I recently came across the “Book Buying Habits” tag over at An Infinite Book World, you can read Alaina’s post here. Since I haven’t done a book tag for ages, I thought I would give this one a go, so today I will be sharing with you my book buying habits.

Where do you buy your books?

Anywhere and everywhere! My main source of reading material is Amazon, but I have picked up books from car boot sales, charity shops and the usual bookstores such as, Waterstones and W H Smith. I also like The Book People and The Works.

If I’m honest I’m a bit of a tight arse when it comes to buying books and will more often than not try to avoid paying full price for them, unless it’s something I really want to read or if I’m looking for a specific edition.

Do you ever pre-order books and if so, do you do this in-store or online?

Since I review quite a lot of ARC’s before they are published I don’t really need to pre-order. However, if I really like a book and want to keep a copy I will pre-order it. One such book was my most recent pre-order Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles.

On average, how many books do you buy a month?

This varies from month to month. It also depends on the format of the book. I do have a tendency to download any free books that I think I might enjoy, which can sometimes mean I’m downloading a book a day. However most of these are usually free.

As for books I actually pay for this would probably average out at between 1-3 books every month unless I come across any bargains or deals.

Do you use your local library?

Nope. I don’t even have a library card, although I think the kids might have one somewhere. They downsized our local library years ago and the atmosphere just wasn’t the same so I stopped going.

What is your opinion on library books?

I think they are brilliant! I love that they make books so accessible for everyone.

How do you feel about second-hand books?

Second hand books are fantastic. You can get some really great bargains for next to nothing. I can often be found scouring the local charity shops for some book bargains, although some of the previous owners can be page folders and spine benders which upsets me a little bit.

Do you keep your TBR pile on your main bookshelf, or no?

Yes and no. I read a lot of books on my kindle so I have several collections on there for my TBR books. Other than than all my other books are on my main bookshelf. They have their own shelf solely for books I have yet to read.

Do you plan to read all of the books you own?

Definitely! I never buy a book that I have no intention of reading one day. That said I do find myself wondering why I’ve purchased/downloaded some of them if I don’t read them quite soon after purchasing. I usually keep hold of them though as my reading tastes change. My TBR list has everything from classics to YA; horror to historical romance and everything in between.

What do you do with books you feel you will never read/did not enjoy?

I usually pass them on to someone else to read if they are hard copies. Kindle books usually just get deleted from my device.

Have you ever donated books?

Regularly. I only have a small bookshelf, hence the kindle, so I have to regularly cull my books. Ones that haven’t made the cut to remain get donated to charity shops, friends, relatives or sometimes sold on.

I also have regular clear outs of the kids books these usually get donated to the school.

Have you ever been on a book buying ban?

Never, and I can’t see me ever putting myself on one. I do try to restrict my purchases, especially of paperbacks due to lack of space but other than that I’m free to buy as and when I please.

Do you feel that you buy too many books?

Most definitely! In fact I don’t think there is a reader out there who doesn’t.


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Happy Reading

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The Social Media Book Tag

Hi everyone!

I won’t have any reviews for you today as I’m on holiday. However instead of leaving a blank space where my review should be I have decided to do a book tag instead. I found this one over at An Infinite Book World and thought it looked like fun. So let’s get started.

Becoming QuinnTwitter: Your Favorite Short Book

OK, so we’ve started off with a pretty tough one since I cant remember what short books I’ve read. To help me out I’ve assumed a short book to be around 200 pages and after a quick reshuffle of my Goodreads book list I have settled on Becoming Quinn by Brett Battles.

This is the prequel to the Jonathan Quinn series which I still have to read. I really enjoyed this book about how Jake Oliver becomes Quinn, a top class cleaner skilled at making bodies disappear.

We Were LiarsFacebook: A Book Everyone Pressured You To Read

I’m not sure I’ve ever been pressured to read a book, unless you count that time at school when I had to read Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. Since then I’ve just read whatever I’ve had available (which thanks to cheap Kindle books/charity shops is loads).

That said I did read We Were Liars following all the hype and didn’t enjoy it at all which means I’m unlikely to be jumping on the bandwagon again anytime soon.

That said I think it might just have been the wrong book/wrong genre for me.

Deja DeadTumblr: A Book You Read Before It Was Cool

I don’t think I have an answer for this. I was never really one of the cool kids (and probably still aren’t). Most of the books I’ve been reading recently have been published for a good while and subsequently have had lots of people read them.

That said I read most of the Temperance Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs long before Bones was even thought about so I have gone with the first book in the series Déjà Dead.


Final JeopardyMySpace: A Book You Don’t Remember If You Liked Or Not

This would have to be Final Jeopardy by Linda Fairstein. I read this many years ago while on holiday and while I have a vague recollection of the book I can’t remember whether I liked it or not.

I have a feeling that is might have been as success as I have since read several other books by the same author. It is also the kinds of book I used to devour when I was younger, especially on holiday when I had nothing to do but lay by the pool and read.

Alice_ The Wanderland ChroniclesInstagram: A Book That Was So Beautiful You Had To Instagram It

This is quite a difficult choice. I’m still quite new to the whole bookstagram scene but I do love a pretty cover. I’ve seen quite a few recently that have caught my eye but if I had to pick only one it would have to be the debut novel by J M Sullivan. The cover of Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles is gorgeous. I’m not a lover of overly colourful covers so this one is perfect. I love the simplicity of the colours and the background detail is beautiful.

Unfortunately I chose to read this book on my Kindle so don’t actually have paper copy (yet).

Grave SituationYouTube: A Book You Wish Would Be Turned Into A Movie

I’m beginning to wonder why I chose to do a book tag as I have so many answers to each prompt. I’ve read loads of books that I feel would make excellent movies and it’s hard to pick one particular book.

However I have gone with Grave Situation by Alex MacLean. I love a good crime thriller both to read and watch, and think this would make an excellent movie. In fact it could be a whole series of films based on the main protagonist, Allan Stanton.

Trust MeGoodreads: A Book You Recommend To Everyone

This is a toss up between one of my all time favourite books To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and a more recent read Trust Me by Gemma Metcalfe.

Since To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic, and a book I think most people will have heard of even if they haven’t read it I have gone with my second choice.

Trust Me is Gemma’s debut novel and one that I think anyone who loves a good psychological thriller should read.


SpookshowSkype: A Book With Characters You Wish You Could Talk To Instead Of Just Read About

Since I’m a major crime/thriller junkie I’m not sure I’d like to have a face to face with many of the characters from the books I read.

However, after some thought I have gone with The Spookshow. I love a good paranormal mystery and would love to chat with Billie Culpepper about what it’s like to see ghosts/spirits.


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did compiling it. I’m only tagging one person this time around (Emma at The Stationery Geekette) but feel free to tag yourself if you want to join in. Don’t forget to link back so I can see your responses.

Debbie x