Searching Saturday: Books with Multiple POV

Searching Saturday is a bookish scavenger hunt hosted by Nikki from The Night Is Dark And Full Of Books. The aim is to find a book (or books) that are new to you and fit in with the weekly theme.  This week’s topic is books with multiple points of view.

Like I recently discussed in a post, I LOVE MULTIPLE POV BOOKS. It’s not everyone’s thing but oh well. Search for books with multiple point of views.

It seems that recently the majority of the books I’ve been reading have had multiple points of view and due to some time constraints I have chosen some of my recent favourites. I’m sure I have several others on my TBR list but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to check them all out. However three out of the four books are part of a series.

The Books I Found

My Beautiful Disaster by J D Hughes

This book alternates between the two main characters, Daniel and Sophie as they offer up their differing thoughts on their relationship struggles.

Trust Me by Gemma Metcalfe

This book follows the format of a phone call between the two main characters during which we gain an insight into how they ended up in their current situations.

The Roses of May by Dot Hutchison

Following the same format as her previous book, The Butterfly Garden, The Roses of May alternates between the main character Priya and a member of the FBI team that worked on her sisters murder.

Breathless by Nicola Claire

What do you think of my selection? Have you read any of them?


2 thoughts on “Searching Saturday: Books with Multiple POV

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