This Week In Books: 10.05.17

Welcome to This Week In Books, the weekly feature hosted by the lovely Lipsy over at Lipsy’s Lost and Found which highlights our week in books. A similar theme is run by Sam at Taking On A World of Words.

This week has been a bit of a blur of holiday planning and cleaning. However, fear not I still managed to get a little reading done. Here’s what my week looks like.

Now, Then, Next

The Girl of Ink and Stars

My current read is The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. I put it to one side last week when The Roses of May became available. Since then I’ve moved it back to the top of the pile.

The cover of this book is gorgeous and the screen doesn’t do it justice.

The Roses of MayPrior to that I read The Roses of May by Dot Hutchison. I mentioned in last week’s post I was patiently waiting for the release of this since reading The Butterfly Garden earlier in the year so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it was available on Read Now via Netgalley.

This is another cover I’m loving, although I haven’t seen it in real life.

Alice Takes Back WonderlandI had been struggling to decide on my next read as I have a couple of books to review on NetGalley as well as several books on my kindle that I really want to get started on.

In the end I decided on Alice Takes Back Wonderland by David D Hammons

I chose this above the other books as I’m itching for an Alice retelling and am too impatient to wait until next week. It will also be interesting to see how the two compare.


What are you currently reading? Have you finished any good books recently?

New on the TBR List

I’m trying to be good as far as new books go, but with a week in Majorca on the horizon I need to make sure I have a good mix of books to see me through (well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway).

So far this week I have downloaded Unauthored Letters (John Sanders Series) by Tara C Allred, Dark Angel by Joseph Badal, and Cursed by Christina Bauer.

Unauthored LettersDr. John Sanders has given Rebecca Brownell a new chance at life. After an isolated childhood, an abused adolescence, and an institutionalized existence, Rebecca is finally free to conquer her demons and build a promising life.

However, just as it appears Rebecca has achieved her dreams, eerily personal letters begin arriving in the mail. Letters sent from an unidentified source who knows far more about her past than anyone should. Letters which question and threaten Rebecca’s sanity.

Un Authored Letters is the inspiring tale of a woman’s troubled past, a man’s quest to protect her, and their fight against a mysterious foe. It’s a story of trust strained by illness, love tried by lies, and promises terrorized by illusive danger.

Detectives Barbara Lassiter and Susan Martinez pick up where they left off in “Borderline.” Assigned to a murder case, they discover that their suspect is much more than a one-off killer. In fact, the murderer appears to be a vigilante hell-bent on taking revenge against career criminals who the criminal justice system has failed to punish.
But Lassiter and Martinez are soon caught up in the middle of an FBI investigation of a monstrous home invasion gang that has murdered dozens of innocent victims across the United States. When they discover a link between their vigilante killer and the home invasion crew, they come into conflict with powerful men in the FBI who are motivated more by career self-preservation than by bringing justice to innocent victims.


Everything changes when the evil Necromancer Tsar curses Elea. Now, she only has five years left before she burns as a ghost, tortured for all eternity. They say there’s nothing she can do, but Elea disagrees. Embracing her Necromancer ability, Elea trains as a magical assassin. Her goal? Kill the Tsar before his curse kills her. After years of preparation, Elea’s finally ready to strike.

That’s when everything goes horribly wrong.

A handsome warlock named Rowan steps up to help. Elea wants him as an ally, but she can’t ignore the mixed-up feelings that come with every one of Rowan’s crooked smiles. An assassination mission is no time to fall in love, but Elea’s heart may have other ideas…

This week I’m waiting for Alice: The Wanderland Chronicles by J M Sullivan. I love Alice In Wonderland and I also love re-tellings so this will hopefully be a match made in heaven. It may not be my genre of choice but I am prepared to make an exception for two of my favourite things.

I was contemplating holding off on the pre-order but my willpower got the better of me and I couldn’t wait any longer, so this beauty will be making its way to my kindle on 16th May 2017.

Alice_ The Wanderland Chronicles


Ever since the outbreak of the Plague, life hasn’t been easy, and for seventeen-year-old Alice Carroll, it just got worse. Her sister, Dinah, has contracted the ‘un-deadly’ Momerath Virus and without a cure, will soon be worse than dead. She’ll be momerath.

Alice must leave the safety of the Sector and venture into Momerath Territory to find the antidote – if it exists. Chasing a rumor about a mysterious doctor with the cure, Alice falls down the rabbit hole into Wanderland, where ravenous momerath aren’t the only danger lurking.


Are there any books you are eagerly awaiting?

So that’s my week in books!

I’d love for you to join in with this meme, just share you link below or comment with your choices if you don’t have a blog.


2 thoughts on “This Week In Books: 10.05.17

  1. All of these look so good! I really want to read Girl of Ink and Stars but haven’t got round to it yet. The Roses of May looks so pretty too!

    Thanks for joining in and linking 🙂 Have a great week!


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