Book Review: My Beautiful Disaster – Part 2


Millionaire Daniel Dukes, has never been a man to take ‘no’ lying down. After losing the love of his life, his future hangs in the balance, but not the one he originally predicted for himself. Now, everything has changed. Without Sophia, money and power are inconsequential. He will stop at nothing to win her heart back even if it means losing it all.

The last thing Sophia Lewis needs is for her ex to come barrelling back into her life. Moving on under the protection of the M.C. Saviours of Children is harder than she thought, but she’s getting there. Until he turns up and upends her world once more.

When two different worlds collide, Sophia and Daniel must learn that to hold on, they must first learn to let go if they’re to find their happily ever after. Or will the madman who threatens to destroy everything beat them to it?

*Warning* Very mature themes throughout.

“I want to be left alone,” I moaned, curling into a foetal position pulling the duvet completely over my head to avoid eye contact.


Part One kept me reading until 3.30am in the morning. Part Two meant that the majority of my housework didn’t get done the following day. If anyone asks, I was a bit tired!!

The story continues on directly from where Part One left off. Without going into too much detail, Daniel is trying to piece back together the after the bombshell that ended the last book.

We reconnect with Daniel and Sophia again as well as some of the main characters from the first book. We also see learn more about Sophia’s family within the biker gang that brought her up.

Sophia has gone back to her family, the MC Saviours of Children. Meanwhile Daniel is determined to win her back. Factor into this the crazy lunatic who is hell bent on making sure neither of them get a ‘happily ever after’ and you’ve got another brilliant story.

Like the first book I devoured this in less than a day and loved it every bit as much.

I didn’t guess who was behind all the attempts on Daniel and Sophia’s life, which is unusual for me as I usually have an inkling. This time however, I was completely off course and was left guessing right until it was revealed.

All in all another great read from J D Hughes which encapsulated everything from the first book and more.


Title: My Beautiful Disaster: Part 2

Author: J D Hughes

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Page Count: 290

Publication Date: 26 March 2017

Format: Kindle


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