Book Review: My Beautiful Disaster – Part 1


Daniel Dukes, millionaire extraordinaire, has it all. A thriving business, good looks, power, money and women who’ll drop their drawers at the click of his skilled fingers. Just how he likes it.

Everything changes one day when a stipulation in his deceased uncle’s will scuppers his visionary plans. The only way to get what’s rightfully his, is to marry. Who? It doesn’t matter, because the enigmatic bachelor will stop at nothing and play dirty to get what is his.

Sophia Lewis had nothing until she started working directly for Daniel at Dukes Industries. Having grown up in care, she’s tough, has an answer for everything and knows how to handle all varieties of men. For two years, Sophia has attended to her overbearing boss’ every whim. Gone above and beyond the call of duty.

When an indecent proposal presents itself, boundaries are pushed and limits are tested. Can Daniel and Sophia remain professional to fool the dead uncle’s lawyers? As lines become blurred and tempers become frayed, can two strong-willed souls be the key to unlock each other’s hidden secrets? Or will the high price of the deal come at a devastating cost to them both?

*Warning* Mature themes and one hell of a cliff hanger!

“What I need and what I want are two different things,” he sighed, and looked over at the white oval table in the centre of his expansive office.


J D Hughes you are the reason I stayed awake until 3.30am on a school night. I began reading part one at bedtime and couldn’t put it down until I’d finished. The problem was, when I did reach the end the cliffhanger left me desperate for more so I had to download the second part.

Daniel Dukes is a millionaire playboy who, following the death of his uncle, has three weeks to get married or lose his inheritance and together with it, his dreams.

Sophia is his PA. A feisty, sassy woman brought up by a gang of bikers after running away from her foster home.

She speaks her mind and has no time for Daniel’s playboy ways, so who better to pretend to be his wife. Initially Sophia turns him down, but it appears that Daniel is determined. So he may be attracted to her a bit, but this is purely business. Isn’t it?

She finally agrees to Daniel’s crazy scheme and they set some ground rules. Only Sophia’s not going to make it easy for him.

Now I’m sure you know where this is going.. and you’d be right. However despite having some very steamy sex scenes, it also has an excellent story that will keep you hooked until the end.

The playboy angle isn’t something new this kind of book. However in this novel it’s explained in a way that makes you understand why Daniel behaves the way he does.

My only criticism was this was the reference to Sophia’s ‘sex’ which was reminiscent of the 50 Shades Trilogy, although not as prominent.

My Beautiful Disaster is the first book this year to keep me up at night. It gets under your skin and leaves you desperate for more. Throughout the book I experienced tears and laughter. I felt the heat from the chemistry between the Daniel and Sophia leap of the page.

I absolutely loved this book. It is more than it first seems. It’s about family, friendship, love and much more. It was an easy read with excellent characters that I want to spend more time with. Luckily Part Two is ready and waiting for you to download, just like I did.


Title: My Beautiful Disaster: Part 1

Author: J D Hughes

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Page Count:

Publication Date: 14th March 2017

Format: Kindle


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